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Welcome to Florida Transformative Education

Our Gateway books are more closely aligned to Florida’s instructional standards than any other resources available. Each of our books is completely written from scratch to match those standards. All of our books follow a similar format based on the latest learning theory.

M/J Civics:

Gateway to American Civics and Government 

Our new edition of this book, based on Florida’s new Civics and Government Standards, is for use. The new edition covers all of the names and terms found in the new Benchmarks and Benchmark Clarifications.

Our newest edition also includes content focus terms from the “Draft” Civics EOC Item Specifications, such as faithless elector, Berlin Airift, and Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act.

Unlike other books, this one was written especially for Florida’s learning standards and to help your students with the EOC.  This book simply has the best descriptions and explanations of what students really need to know, found anywhere at any price.

The book includes a pre-reading advance organizer for each chapter with relevant learning standards, a word wall, and a one-page preview.  The text itself is chunked into meaningful sections followed by student activities. Specially commissioned cartoons help student with difficult concepts like forms of government and constitutional principles. Each chapter ends with an after-reading section that includes a concept map, study cards and chapter test questions.

Special pop-ups, highlighting, and new charts guide your students in preparing for the EOC. The review cards at the end of each chapter focus on important information frequently tested on the EOC. Schools that have used this book have consistently raised their EOC scores.

The new Gateway to American Civics and Government is available from the Florida School Book Depository as well as directly from us.  The price is only $199.50 for a set of ten softcover, full color books, plus 5% shipping. If your district can afford to buy these each year, students can treat the books as a consumable and make their own annotations. If your district decides to get the online program, students can highlight, make their own annotations, take the end-of-chapter tests, and complete assignments online. The online version also includes an audio file and  a Spanish translation at no additional charge.

M/J U.S. History:

Gateway to Early American History with Revised Civics and Government Standards

Gateway to Early American History is a middle-school text that can be used for any year in middle school but which is especially designed for schools and districts that have swapped their Grade 6 and Grade 8 social studies courses.  This book highlights learning objectives that are common to both early U.S. history and Grade 7 Civics and Government. Students who use this book in Grade 6 will come to Grade 7 fully prepared for many of the topics on the Civics EOC, such as the causes of the American Revolution, the arguments of the Declaration of Independence, the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, the organization of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, constitutional principles, and the U.S. Supreme Court decisions of Marbury v. Madison and Dred Scott v. Sandford.

9-12 U.S. History:

Gateway to U.S. History with Florida’s Revised Civics and Government Standards

Gateway to U.S. History with Florida’s Revised Civics and Government Standards provides the best resource for your high school U.S. history course and the very best preparation for Florida’s EOC in U.S. History.

If your school or district is still choosing a basic text for high school American history for the next five years, you should carefully consider this book. While very reasonably priced, Gateway to U.S. History is closely aligned to all of Florida’s tested standards for U.S. history and contains more than 300 practice questions, including a complete practice test.

Even if your district has already adopted a different American history textbook, your students will still greatly benefit from using this book or online program as a supplement. After they have studied each chapter in their adopted textbook, they can read the companion chapter in Gateway to U.S. History and answer the practice multiple-choice questions at the end of the chapter. They can further use the special features of Gateway to U.S. History, such as its advance organizers, concept maps and review cards, especially for a comprehensive final review in the weeks before the test.

You will find that all of our Gateway books provide Florida students with the bridge to success on their state’s social studies EOC tests!


  • $199.50 plus 5% shipping for a set of 10 printed softcover books
  • $9.95 per student for a one-year online license on a district-wide or school-wide basis
  • $12.95 per student for a one-year license to the enhanced editions of Gateway to Early American History or Gateway to U.S. History, with primary source activities, on a district-wide or school-wide basis
  • $25.95 per student for a hybrid package with a one-year online license and one printed softcover book for Gateway to American Civics and Government and the regular/advanced or honors editions of Gateway to Early American History or Gateway to U.S. History
  • $26.95 per student for an enhanced hybrid package with a one-year online license to the enhanced edition of Gateway to Early American History or Gateway to U.S. History with primary source activities and one printed softcover book