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Welcome to Florida Transformative Education

You will find that our Gateway books are more closely aligned to Florida’s instructional standards than any other resources available. That is because each of our books is expertly written from scratch to match those standards. All of our books follow a similar format based on the latest learning theory.

High School U.S. History — Gateway to U.S. History

Gateway to U.S. History: The Bridge to Success on Florida’s EOC Test provides the best preparation for Florida’s EOC in U.S. History. It is now a state-adopted resource.  This means that the Florida Department of Education has certified that it meets all of Florida’s learning standards for high school U.S. History. If your school or district is still choosing a basic text for high school American history, you should carefully consider this book. While very reasonably-priced, Gateway to U.S. History is closely aligned to all of Florida’s tested standards for U.S. history and contains more than 300 practice questions, including a complete practice test. Even if your district has already adopted a different American history textbook, your students will still greatly benefit from using this book or online program as a supplement. After they have studied each chapter in their adopted textbook, they can read the companion chapter in Gateway to U.S. History and answer the practice multiple-choice questions at the end of the chapter. They can further use the special features of Gateway to U.S. History, such as its advance organizers, concept maps and review cards, especially for a comprehensive final review in the weeks before the test. In addition to our basic textbook and browser-based online program, we offer a workbook edition that includes the same advance organizers, review cards, concept maps and test questions, as well as several additional vocabulary exercises and graphic organizers not found in the blue textbook version. Gateway to U.S. History is also now available in a special color edition.

Middle School Civics — New Color Edition of Gateway to American Government available this June

Our highly anticipated, new color edition of Gateway to American Government: The Bridge to Success on Florida’s EOC Test is coming this June!

This edition is forty pages longer than the original black-and-white edition, and includes new charts and other visual aids. It is in full color, appealing to middle school students.

The paper is not glossy, so your students will be able to write in the book easily and continue to use Gateway as a consumable resource.

The new edition covers all of the names and terms found in the "Content Focus" section of the EOC Item Specifications guide.  Based on the released content focus reports for past EOC tests, teachers should concentrate on these terms. This shifts the emphasis slightly from the Benchmarks to the specific terms used in the Benchmarks, "Benchmark Clarifications" and "Content Focus" sections.

Special pop-ups, highlighting and new charts help guide your students in preparing for the EOC.

Information that has not been tested on past assessments, such as a description of the Electoral College, remains in the book but is marked as enrichment.

The study cards at the end of each chapter focus more narrowly on information actually tested on the EOC.

Unlike other books, this one was written especially for Florida’s learning standards and to help your students with the EOC.  The book has the best background sections, the best description of the the five required political parties, the best explanations of the different types of governments, and the best summaries of required Supreme Court cases found anywhere at any price.

The new Gateway to American Government Color Edition will be available from the Florida School Book Depository as well as directly from us.  The price is only $179.50 for a set of ten full color books, including shipping.

In case you are not already familiar with Gateway to American Government, this book includes a pre-reading advance organizer for each chapter with relevant learning standards, a word wall, and a one-page preview.  The text itself is chunked into meaningful sections followed by student activities. Specially commissioned cartoons help student with difficult concepts like forms of government and constitutional principles. Each chapter ends with an after-reading section that includes a concept map, study cards and chapter test questions.  Gateway to American Government is one of only a handful of resources adopted by the State of Florida for middle school civics (of which only three are available as printed texts). Schools that have used this book have consistently raised their EOC scores.

Middle School U.S. History — Gateway to Early American Government

Finally, Gateway to Early American History is a new middle-school text especially designed for schools and districts that have swapped their Grade 6 and Grade 8 social studies courses.  This book is printed in color and highlights learning objectives that are common to both early U.S. history and Grade 7 civics. Students who use this book in Grade 6 will come to Grade 7 fully prepared for many of the topics on the civics EOC, such as the causes of the American Revolution, the arguments of the Declaration of Independence, the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, the organization of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, constitutional principles, and the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Marbury vs. Madison.

You will find that all of our Gateway books provide Florida students with the bridge to success on their state’s social studies EOC tests!

Tips for using Gateway to American Government to review for this spring's EOC: